Engage your senses with a walk through a path in a forest of tropical trees, alive with the singing of birds and the rustle of the leaves as the wind gently weaves through them. Pass by verdant rice fields carved from the gently sloping hills and through rows of sugarcane and banana trees and allow your eyes to relax as they feast on nature's palette in various shades of green, brown and gold. Nourish the spirit in a garden filled with the heady scent and color of tropical blooms. Worship the sun by the free-form swimming pool. Get on board a small boat named Courage and glide through a lake covered with hyacinth and teeming with fish. Find a quiet corner to read a book. Gather duck eggs and pick mushrooms at the crack of dawn. Go for a game of billiards or table tennis, boating on the lake or biking through the paved path walks. Test your energy levels at the Children's Play Park. Within the peaceful and tranquil environment of this green sanctuary, embark on a two-way communion with nature.
The Ayo Wellness Center ...
Let go of tension and allow the body to recognize the cycles of nature and to align with them. Surrender to the healing touch at the Ayo Spa and Wellness Center, the resort's tropical spa offering traditional wellness treatments using products, herbs and oils produced on site or in the neighboring communities.
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